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                                                              Savor The Season Pedicure $45         

This celebratory treatment experience will awaken your holiday mind, body and spirit. This treatment consist of a warm, bubbling soak rich with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and coconut and palm oils cleanses . A spicy, gingersnap scented brown sugar and whiskey scrub that polishes and refines. Creamy pumpkin puree plus  mud tingles and invigorates. A massage with warm shea & cocoa butters, scented with light, billowy marshmallow notes.

                  30 Minute Hot stone Massage & Oxygen Facial $85

 Experience a deep state of deep relation and warmth during your heated and heart-lifting therapy.  Hot Stone Therapy involves heat emanating from the stones allows your massage therapist to manipulate muscles to a greater intensity without use of intense pressure associated with deep tissue massage. Also get healthy glowing skin with the Oxygen Facial. This facial hydrates, improves elasticity, nourishes and restores a dull complexion turning it soft and and glowing.

                                  Eyelash Extension Full-Set  $65