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Foot Massage & Herbal Detox Soaks

Our Foot Soaks are derived from natural botanical herbs, flowers, Epsom salt, and essential oils. Our highly trained foot therapist will massage your feet and lower legs to help alleviate sore tired feet and provoke a deep state of relaxation.

Mental Clarity package $55

Designed to benefit both mind and body.

Feet soak in Rosemary and peppermint botanical herb bath, with essential oils and Epsom salt. Finishing with an invigorating 30-minute foot massage.

Rejuvenation package $65

Sore feet? Relax and rejuvenate at the same time!

Feet soak in a peppermint spearmint milk bath with custom essential oils. Then feet and lower legs are exfoliated with a peppermint spearmint salt scrub. Finally finishing with a 30-minute foot massage.

Hot Stone Stress Relief $75 

let all your cares slip away with this herbal stress relief hot stone treatment.

Feet soak in relaxing lavender and chamomile herb Epsom salt bath with essential oils. Finishing with a 30 minute Hot Stone foot massage.

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